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What we're about

KratomHelps.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicating our efforts towards keeping Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) legal and available to all US residents, as is should it be. Part of those efforts include educating the general public on the health benefits that Kratom offers. Our efforts are achieved through providing accurate online information, Social Media campaigns, Logistical support for Kratom lobbying, Scientific studies and independent Medical research.

Where is our focus

Kratom is a legal food/herbal supplement and has helped countless of Americans and others throughout the world to   overcome debilitating ailments, drug addiction and much more.  Any time something that is safe and beneficial hits the market, there are inevitably special interest groups along uninformed and uneducated individuals with too much time on their hands and write bizarre opinions and promote negative PR campaigns. This ultimately confuses the general public, educators, politicians and law enforcement officials. For this reason, our organization has become one of the few groups that have chosen to advocate for and defend this all-natural supplement on behalf of our fellow US residents.

Why this matters

It is important that the general public is properly educated about Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) and its undeniable health benefits. Media deception fueled by dishonest and deceptive marketing practices have caused undeniable damage to the image and credibility of what this miracle leaf can offer. Here at KratomHelps.org, we advocate for the positive use and benefits of having and keeping Kratom available to those who need it.  For millions of people world-wide, Kratom helps to improve their quality of life.  Preventing US residents from obtaining Kratom would be, simply put, unjustifiably stomping on their inalienable rights. Preventing US residents from improving their quality of life is also preventing them from basic happiness. Kratom is frequently used to combat common ailments that are traditionally treated by narcotics, schedule II medications or invasive medical procedures. If the public has access to the correct information and truly knows the benefits that Kratom offers, we are confident that no one will wish to ban it. Check out some Success Stories or FAQ section for more valuable Kratom information.

The 2016 Kratom Guide is where you need to start

The 2016 Kratom User Guide was created and made available by the I Love Kratom Forum and its community members. It was designed primarily for those who are new to Kratom and have unanswered questions.

The 2016 Kratom User Guide was created for those who are new Kratom and have unanswered questions. The guide offers readers accurate and detailed information about Kratom ranging from general dosage, typical effects, do’s and don’ts, best practices, botanical designation and more.

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